The imagined army of shite mothers

The imagined army of shite mothers

A few weeks ago I was sat on the bus to work after carting off my kids to strangers at astronomically expensive nurseries when I became aware of numerous passengers avoiding the seat in front of me.

The lady next to me and I leant forward at the same time to see what it was that people were avoiding. The offensive item was a Dairylea dunker packet that had been left there. It was surrounded by gooey melted cream cheese all over the leather seat. The lady and I smiled at each other in a ‘aaahhh’ moment and she proceeded to clean it up with her own tissues. What a lovely human being I thought, so I smiled at her and told her that was a lovely thing to do. I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.

The “lady” turned to me and stated “you know who that would have been? Some Mum.”

She said “mum” with a slight snarl.

She continued “some mum who didn’t give her kids a proper breakfast so just gave them a Dairylea dunker and then let her kid leave it all over the seat!”

I smiled back, my eyes dead, the realisation being that I have now accidentally bonded with the antichrist. I tried to inch my way away from her as I wondered a couple of things.

What is so wrong about a breakfast of Dairylea dunkers? Surely that’s calcium innit? and…

Why is it that folk are so quick to jump to a conclusion that mothers are generally shite?

Why is it that it must be a mother who is failing at mothering? Where was the dad when she was shovelling Dairylea in the child’s mouth? Why must it be a crap mum? Why couldn’t it have been an elderly Gentleman on his way to the opticians? Or a student rushing to an exam? Where is the sympathy for a busy working mum? Where is the love?

Can we please not assume that all mothers are generally shite? Can we, instead, assume that all mothers are doing their absolute best at a freaking tough gig?

And that Dairylea dunkers are a legitimate breakfast choice.

I should have said all of this to the woman but of course I didn’t. She got off at the University before stating “I better do well in my exam now, after that good deed” I smiled back. “Only if you’re studying ‘how to be a judgemental Gobshite’” I thought.

(Disclaimer – This post was not sponsored by Dairylea).

shite mothers
Imagined army of shite mothers

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  1. Totally get your comments. ‘A Mother’s place is in the wrong’. Watched several eps of Motherland last night having been told by someone (a now retired Mum who worked full time in the late 60s/70s when it was less common then) that it was “hilarious”. Great parody & I found scraps of humour in it but also found it quite dark & not an easy watch.

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