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A selection of my best posts that have been selected as blogs of the day or put on the front page of Mumsnet Bloggers Network and Netmums.

The true horror of soft play Soft Play: The Satanic Cesspit of Despair

Winner of the June 2016 BISS (Because I said so) for Good to Know magazine. The Slow Clap

A letter to my first son on the eve of my second caesarean to have his brother – this is my most popular post to date : Dear precious first born, we have something to tell you 

Exhausted parent who needs a laugh? Read my letter to Chicco after watching their advert : Dear Chicco, about your advert 

My revenge plan : Children, in twenty years, guess who’s coming to dinner? 

A confession about how I am in love with two people : About our affair 

How love and your relationship changes after having babies : Breeding Love

A humorous look at my toddler learning to speak, with catastrophic consequences : Frogs, Cocks and Focks 

Things about having a new born that I completely forgot until my second : The New Mum Land that time forgot 

A post about being very heavily pregnant in a ruddy heat wave : Boil in the bag baby 

My dream of an idyllic soft play experience : I have a dream, of a soft play paradise 

This was chosen as a Mumsnet blog of the day and is perhaps my second most popular post to date : The Delicate politics of when your child gets walloped 

A post unveiling the real truth about baby’s first Christmas, don’t believe the hype : Ten reasons why baby’s first Christmas is a bit crap

A post about solidarity between parents : “Been There!” Don’t ever think we aren’t all in it together

Fancy a really good belly laugh? Read my Hell is a child friendly caravan holiday – NOT a review series

Part 1

Part 2 – The Swim

Part 3 – Soft Play Satanic Pit

Part 4 – The Grand Finale


Best posts

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