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I may not the blogger you are looking for!

See also “Why I’m a shit blogger”.

I love writing – but blogging – I’m not very good. I can’t play the game.

I don’t schedule posts.

I don’t write about current events.

I don’t know what a no follow link is.

I don’t read other blogs unless a title really shouts out to me.

I don’t work hard on getting views, likes or numbers (which is why they’re so low).

I don’t look at my stats. Unless something goes a bit crazy!

I can’t do SEO – I can’t be bothered and I don’t understand it.

I did try – I did reviews (never was I paid for one). I didn’t realise I could ask for money to be honest. Writing them was just not very nice. I didn’t lie – but trying to think of 100 words on nipple balm was a stretch for me.

I would make a terrible sales woman.

It’s a shame as only this week I was offered the chance to review a shoe shop and get free shoes for my FOUR children. Whoa Nelly! Where did the other two come from?


I am hoping that brands will be able to put stats to the side… choose quality – and my blogging failings won’t affect my ability to one day make a bit of money from my words.


  1. Snap! I decided ages ago I can’t write reviews so I don’t anymore, I don’t even try it’s just not for me! Much prefer writing because I love to write! I take my hat off to anyone that does cause it’s bloody hard work!

    • yes definitely hats off to the ones who can. Thank you for your comment! x

  2. I genuinely love this and couldn’t agree more. Such a refreshing change to read and makes me feel less like a loner for not bombarding my page with an array of sponsored posts. Just me, rambling away about the usual crap ha!

  3. Hurrah! There’s a lot to be said for blogging for the love of it. I know for me as soon as the pressure of wanting to make money comes into anything I love to do as a hobby I always start to resent it. Mind you I wouldn’t say no to shoe reviews!

    • exactly! I’m going to stick to what I love. Thank you x

  4. HUZZAH!! Lovely to hear of someone else who doesn’t consider themselves a professional blogger. 🙂

    I decided about a year ago that I would only work with a brand really adhoc if they were genuinely of interest to me and I would have happily written about them anyway, even if they hadn’t approached me. I work full time, blogging is a hobby. Why put extra stress on that!?

    Also, love the Snapchat at the top. Hilarious.

  5. You are so like me! Love it! Here’s to the ‘long’ game!

  6. Oh my goodness, you read my mind (though only 3 children!) I desperately want to be good at this but I don’t have time to dedicate to any other detail than writing my blog and speaking to the people who like it. I set out to support families with learning disabled children because it can be so isolating so that is what I am sticking with. A xx

  7. I love this!! It made me proper laugh out loud!

  8. Jenny Jenny

    Lovely to read. I have enjoyed reading your posts, having only recently found you & from reading another number I follow everything she does is an ad so I feel like I’m just a guinea pig to be sold to not a mum who just fancies reading a few posts at the end of a busy day. Love your principles.

    • thanks so much! Got to stay true to yourself.

  9. Jenny Jenny

    *Mum blogger (not number! )

  10. Bec Bec

    I have similar feelings – I kind of need to be earning something off my blog really but am rubbish at all the ‘admin’ tasks of scheduling, posting on different sites etc. I just like to write! I’m hoping to get more on top of blogging stuff soon but I won’t be going out of my way to write about stuff I’m not interested in.

    • it’s like getting blood out of a stone for me… I hear you.

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