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You won’t be like Binky … beware ‘reality’ TV mummy diaries

I am a big fan of Binky and I love to escape into the scripted reality world of ‘Made in Chelsea’, watching young, nubile, supermodel types supping champagne whilst I shove fistfuls of space invaders into my gob and neck merlot out of a tumbler. It’s pure escapism, so far removed from my life as a stay at home mum. And I was thrilled to see that Binky is with child. Congratulations to her. However, something about it being on that show made me uneasy. The same uneasiness I get when I see adverts for Sam Faiers Mummy Diaries. The uneasy feeling is one of wanting to shout at anyone watching the programs who hasn’t experienced pregnancy and motherhood first hand: THIS IS NOT REAL!  Maybe people aren’t as…

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Do not feel any pressure to have an erotic labour

When I was twelve, at the puberty milestone (a stage of growing up, not the local pub) a lady came to our school to talk to us all about tampons. I can’t remember the speech she gave and as a lady in her thirties now I’m wondering how she stretched it out into a speech but I do remember the boxes of free tampons she handed out. I couldn’t hold mine as I had all my fingers in my ears, loudly humming the tune to Grange Hill. But I do remember seeing one and being absolutely petrified. As the lady told us calmly about how to use them I gave her a suspicious stare and told myself there aint no way in Hell anything like that was being inserted…

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Farewell my baby years

I have a niggling feeling now these years are drawing to a close I should have counted every one of your lashes and felt the softness between your toes I should have spent less time eye-rolling when you’d never settle in the night spent those hours staring at your shoulders in the silence, by candlelight I should have done less complaining about the mess around our home left the unimportant chores to trace wrinkles around new bones I should have smelt the skin behind your ears enjoyed hours stroking tiny heels bottled the sound of your innocence stopped the time turning wheels I should have been present in every second not sighed relief when you slept I should have cradled your head when it fit in my palm tasted every tear that you wept I should…

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