I’d be sexy if…

I’d be sexy if it weren’t for these nipple pads
right now, no amount of make up can get rid of these bags.
I’d be sexy if it weren’t for the scar
and the overhang
my big baggy pants
and my nursing bra.
I’d be sexy in skinny jeans
without the outline of my maternity towel
Plus bloated ankles in compression stockings don’t half look foul.
The surgeon made me go pop
leaving a deflated muffin top
a complete absence of tone
or ability to make out my bones
and all parts of me are leaking
and my nipples take an all day tweaking
You say breast feeding will get down my weight
like I haven’t got enough on my plate
You say I’m getting back my figure
like my issues can’t get any bigger.
Give me a minute
Just to be a new mother
Then I’ll get back to being an object
of criticism for another
give me a week to remain in our bubble
before I’m forced to urgently resurrect my vessel from the rubble

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