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Pinot Poetry

Here is my poetry collection – served best with a good Pinot. 


A poem about sometimes taking our children for granted : Beholden‘

“Beholden’ is a glorious mess of the gritty realism of parenting: ‘All day he’s had a yoghurt propelling snotty nose’, and ‘the fatigued and frazzled baby-Father fights’. Yet love comes through too, and rhyme is used as we look at the child with images just as powerful: ‘his chimp-like rump/his bitty belly, portly and plump’. A strong poem about not taking parenthood for granted — and I love the shades of Sylvia Plath in, ‘…like gobbling down a podgy gold watch’” 

Saying goodbye to my ‘breeding’ years : Farewell my baby years

What I think when I see a fellow parent scowl at me: When I see a parent scowl

The cyclical relationship of children and their mothers: I am the back in the kitchen

My breastfeeding poem: I am the boob hostage 

How I felt about my body after my second caesarean: I’d be sexy if … 

A piss take of Nigel Farage’s comment regarding breastfeeding: Ostentatious 

An exasperated look at why it’s always my toddler: Why is it you?

A poem about my antenatal depression: Tiny New Toes 

About rekindling the romance after a trip to the country: The Wild Life 

How I felt after a weight loss shake seller asked me a question: True story:  Chubby Mummy 

A poem about who I generally eat dinner with now: My Dinner Date 

A poem for my son’s second birthday: Then & Now 

And a silly rap for everyone who has been through teething Hell: The Teething rap







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