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I may not the blogger you are looking for!

See also “Why I’m a shit blogger”. I love writing – but blogging – I’m not very good. I can’t play the game. I don’t schedule posts. I don’t write about current events. I don’t know what a no follow link is. I don’t read other blogs unless a title really shouts out to me. I don’t work hard on getting views, likes or numbers (which is why they’re so low). I don’t look at my stats. Unless something goes a bit crazy! I can’t do SEO – I can’t be bothered and I don’t understand it. I did try – I did reviews (never was I paid for one). I didn’t realise I could ask for money to be honest. Writing them was just not very nice. I…


I’ve been nominated for best comic writer!

Cue sad X Factor music … Ever since I was an odd looking little girl, all freckles, a lazy eye, an underbite and a gap in my front teeth large enough to fit a sherbet dip dab, I have dreamed about winning the Best Comic Writer category at the Mumsnet Blogging Awards. Ok… well I dreamed about making people laugh. It was either that or being Ginger spice. As a stay at home mum, 98% of my day is spent trying not to weep into a jar of Biscoff spread. The other 2% is spent laughing. Laughing is all you’ve got sometimes to get through. The thought that I might help other parents laugh is just wonderful. But who am I? And why should you vote for me? I…


I lost my mother blogging way – but I’ve found it again : An apology.

  “I’ve got a degree, does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I’ve also got a life-saving certificate, but I don’t spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on.” – Victoria Wood I started a blog back in 2012 when I knew practically nothing about it. I was pregnant and alone in a new city and miserable. My mum said “why don’t you start a blog?” I’m still confused as to how she knew what a blog even was. I went on Blogger and started typing, submitted a small essay and felt all excited that a few of my facebook mates might read my post (and my mum of course). I wrote about what being pregnant was like and the inevitable…



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