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Motherhood – not quite what it says on the baking tin

About six months ago or more I bought a Peppa Pig cup cake pack from T’co-op. I saw it, in between the cheese aisle and the wine aisle and I had a vision: There was me in my kitchen, two ankle biters next to me on cute stools. We were all wearing matching novelty aprons. My eldest was cracking an egg into a giant bowl. My youngest was adorably licking the wooden spoon. Icing sugar filled the air as we all chuckled spooning the mixture into the cup cake holders. “Just think of the instagram pictures!” I thought! Just think. Well six months passed and I glanced at the packet between making mountains of toast and wiping arses and cleaning and laundry and drinking and the time never came.…

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I am the back in the kitchen

I am the back in the kitchen  My mother was always in the kitchen peeling potatoes making gravy boiling vegetables washing up cleaning up ironing shirts me stood knee high staring at her back how earth shattering it is the dawning realisation that now I am the back in the kitchen not ignoring you my darlings and she wasn’t peeling potatoes nothing so minor she was caring providing feeding keeping our home a home I am the back in the kitchen now I understand why it was so turned from me and appreciate that back so much more not ignoring you my darlings  

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