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The Arduous Age of Why

The Age of Why My four year old has reached a mile stone. He has entered the age of ‘Why’. I had heard of this stage but had underestimated the damaging effect of this era on the parents. My sympathy is with you if you are currently in this age. It started about two weeks ago on our way to swimming: “Why do we need roads?” Say what now? “Why do we need roads?” Erm… for the cars to go on? (Phew, dodged that one, glad that’s over!) “Why do we need cars?” Say what now? “Why do we need cars?” To get from A to B? It’s at this point you realise that you’re really and truly not qualified to answer life’s toughest questions, to be a parent…

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Is it your first?

Is it your first? Aw… is it your first? The questions only increase As the bump increases She smiles and nods The easier answer – for them For her – sometimes Other times she wants to tell her story But her story’s too long Too long for pleasantries With vacant acquaintances Some days she wants to scream “Stop getting me to casually deny the other times I’ve held life inside” Because it’s not the first Between you and me But the story is hers and hers alone And the question is innocent They couldn’t have known So she smiles “Yes, this is my first” And crosses her toes For her precious secrets The secret lost souls

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