Why I won’t be piercing my sons’ ears

Firstly, I don’t have a licence to pierce shit. I am presuming you need a licence for that sort of ting – not just one of your mum’s old earrings, a flame and a cork.

Katie Price is ‘under’ metaphorical ‘fire’ for posting a pic of her child with pierced ears (18 months, the child and the ears). Apparently it is like ‘child abuse’ – I am paraphrasing from Newsnight… Sorry, I mean, Loose Women.

Katie can do what she wishes – it’s her life, her daughter, her perogative.

But I won’t be piercing my sons’ ears. And if they were girls I would make the same statement. Why?

1/ It’s personal taste – and in my personal taste – it just looks cheap. There you go! Like big gold hoop earrings, or socks over tracksuit bottoms or speedos – I just don’t like it. But why is my personal taste relevant – especially as many would say I have no taste. Because…

2/ A baby / toddler has no taste. They have no choice in this world. They didn’t choose their parents and they didn’t choose their breakfast – we do. We do what we think is best for them – till they can say Feck you arse holes – I never wanted to be sugar free.  Their current taste is bogies, carpet and cat hair. They are not looking through the Claire’s Accessories catalogue wishing they could pull off a bronze stud.

3/ I want them to choose how they look. I could get deep here – I want them to be themselves, to be who they want to be, to have their own look, to be freeeee to beeeee them. If they want to wear… I don’t know, high heels, they can. But I certainly am not going to wedge high heels on their feet without them expressing their wish to. That sort of thing causes issues, I’m guessing.

If someone made me wear a tracksuit I’d be frickin livid.

I got my ears pierced at sixteen. I’m not sure why – everyone else was doing it – like sex and cigarettes. So I guessed I should do it too.

It was only a fiver to get pierced, whereas smoking made my stomach turn and sex – well, there was absolutely no chance of that. I certainly would have had to spend more than a fiver,

Maybe I thought my pierced ears would draw the men in like magnets… no.

Since then I’ve worn earrings about as often as I’ve had sex.

But I am digressing.

I won’t be piercing my sons’ ears. Unless they keep me up again past two AM. In which case I’m marching them down Claire’s accessories – no anaesthetic. Bastards.



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